Who we are

Our Foundation

“For no one can lay any other foundation than the one we already have – Jesus Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 3:11

We are a non-denominational church, committed to the basic Christianity that we find described in the New Testament. We are pursuing the hope that Christ prayed for – that there be unity among all who profess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We receive the Bible as God’s holy, inspired Word. It is standard for our faith and practices. We are seeking to live a life fitting of those who are fully devoted to following Jesus. Helping others to know Him and trust Him is our first priority. One simple way to express our purpose: Making disciples to help spread the Good News

Our members accept Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God and submit to Him as Savior and Lord of life.

Our church is a free church with Christ alone as our Head and Leader. We are not ruled by any denominational authority, but seek to live under the direction of God’s Holy Spirit.  While we determine and set our own policies, we voluntarily cooperate with other Christians in activities and joint ventures that will help fulfill Christ’s commission to make disciples of all people world-wide.

We practice baptism as we find it taught and demonstrated in the New Testament. It is an act of immersion in water of a penitent believer and serves as a picture of Christ’s saving work through His own death, burial and resurrection.

We share in the communion or Lord’s Supper each week as we gather for worship.

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